Five Cool Ideas for Attic Conversions

It can be easy to get caught up in the planning and building processes when extending your home, meaning creativity and originality often get left behind, and you end up falling short of reaching your home’s full potential. So, if Pinterest wasn’t already enough, we thought we’d collate some of our five favourite ideas for an attic conversion.

1. The “Man Cave”

Traditionally located in the garage or at the back of the garden, bring some dignity to that room of manly projects and establish it inside the walls of your home. Leave the power tools and DIY projects outside and make this man cave a more family-friendly area such as a cinema room, games room or simple chill-out space.

Variation: Woman Cave – because who said women aren’t allowed a room of their own?

2. Playroom

This is where the kids’ imagination can really run wild, with a whole room (and perhaps even floor) of their own. A playroom can give the kids an opportunity to design and decorate the space as they please. If it’s a bit too gaudy for parental tastes, at least it’s out of sight in your practical attic conversion! Include beanbags, games and other things that allow creative and artistic brains to run wild (without any risk of wrecking expensive furnishings).

Variation: Games Room – Make this a space for the whole family with set pieces such as a pool table, table tennis, or even arcade games and juke boxes if they’re within your budget. These pieces are attractive to school friends, making your home a social space that will be suitably retro for broods of teenagers!

3. Bar

This might seem extravagant but using your attic conversion for entertaining in the evenings is a great way to make use of what can be quite a compact and dark space. Functioning as another reception room, this flips expectations of room-layout on the head and makes for an interesting, unique feature.

4. Studio

Isn’t a home studio every artistic homeowner’s dream? Having enough space to pursue creative hobbies is a real privilege if you’ve got the space. An Art Studio allows you to be carefree about your attic conversion’s furnishing and wall coverings, while a Music Studio would permit space to purchase modern and complex technologies. You may even be able to record at home, which could open up business opportunities meaning your attic conversion could become profitable.

Variation: Business Base – Whether it’s a work-from-home office or a workspace for a larger project, having that extra practical area in your home allows for different career opportunities.

5. Bedroom

An attic conversion is a unique opportunity to create an expansive bedroom. Of course, the bed is the centrepiece, but making use of extra space is what sets this type of bedroom above others. Make use of skylights and angled beams for interesting lighting – think fairy lights, mood lighting beams that change colour and so on! You can also set out sofas to make it feel like a suite. An attic conversion is fast becoming a popular choice for creating stand-out master bedrooms, which look fantastic and highly appealing in property listings (if you’re thinking of selling).

Variation: Bathroom – If you’re looking for something a bit more out of the box, why not consider a home spa, jacuzzi or hot-tub if your plumbing system is up to it?