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You hear it on TV home-improvement shows all the time; we should all be looking to maximise the potential of our homes to achieve the greatest comfort, style and saleability possible. But before you turn the nearest building contractors, Devon homeowners might want to consider all of the different ways you can maximise a small home’s potential.

1. Conservatory

Any of the local building contractors Devon boasts would recommend you capitalise on the region’s sunnier climate by adding a conservatory if you wish to:

– Invite the outside in

– Create the illusion of more space (thanks to white and transparent fittings).

– Express your style with a bespoke or self-designed conservatory.

– Add value to your home (approximately 50% extra, on top of expenses averaging £16,000).

– Avoid pricier, time-consuming brick and mortar extensions.

2. Loft conversion

Loft conversions are perhaps the most cost-effective way of adding value to your home in the form of extra living space, or even that coveted extra bedroom. Consider one if:

– Your family is expanding or children are in need of a room of their own.

– A luxury bathroom or another stylish room has been your long-awaited dream.

– You want to add value to your home (this can be up to 20%).

– You work from home and would prefer a separate office or studio.

3. Basement conversion

If you’re lucky enough to own a home with a basement, you should be mindful of its potential. It may be dark, dingy and full of cobwebs at the moment, but with some love, care and vital waterproofing and heating systems installed, you can add a whole floor of rooms to your house. A basement conversion is for you if:

– You’re lucky enough to own a basement!

– You’re willing to look for the best building contractors Devon has for the job, and are confident in your contractor’s skills to make your basement liveable, warm and comfortable.

– You’re aiming towards a luxury market and are prepared to invest.

– You are prepared to invest in great lighting to ensure your basement isn’t dimly lit without natural light.

4. Mezzanine

Essentially, this is a floor within a storey of your home. In recent years, modern takes on mezzanines have been all over Instagram and Pinterest, looking beautiful, but any great building contractor will tell you that they’re not merely a thing of dreams! They are achievable and can be a real showpiece. Consider if:

– You have very high ceilings.

– You’re looking for extra storage space: a raised floor less than a metre from the ground means that you have the same floor space as before, but a new area in which to store your belongings.

– You’re looking to increase landing space for your first floor.

– You like the idea of a more open plan home but would like to add layers of levels.

– A library or gallery is your dream!

5. Rooftop garden

Increasingly common for inner-city schools and workplaces, a rooftop garden is totally achievable if you:

– Already have a flat roof. If you don’t, or it’s very small, it’s probably not time or cost-effective.

– Are a keen gardener and able to keep it from becoming overgrown.

– Are looking for an unusual showpiece, and willing to invest.

– Are environmentally conscious and consider it worth the high cost.

6. Annexe

Commonly referred to as a ‘granny flat’, the humble annexe’s nickname doesn’t necessarily confine it to being a self-contained home for a grandmother brought closer to home thanks to your trusty building contractors. Devon homeowners often overlook the huge potential in an annexe, but it’s a great idea if:

– You have a garage you don’t use.

– You have space and are looking to capitalise upon the ownership of a separate building (i.e. renting or putting it on a site like Airbnb).

– You live in a place where tourists are common, so could rent it out as a small holiday home as a money making venture for the summer.

– You are ambitious and aware of the potential for extra tax.

– You own a business that would benefit from separate premises.

– You are an artist or musician and the mess/noise mean you would prefer to be away from the main home.

– You have teenagers, elderly relatives, or friends who may need a place to stay.