Do you fantasise about building your own dream home? If so, here at LoftExe, we can help you to fulfil your ambition! Whether you want a small yet comfortable house for one, or a large family home with several bedrooms and bathrooms, our team at LoftExe have the experience with new builds South West homeowners can trust.

LoftExe have built many new homes for a variety of clients in the local area, establishing ourselves as trusted, professional builders who are able to support our customers in any new build project. Across all of our new builds, South West clients provide their own vision for the project and we follow instructions carefully, maintaining excellent customer service and communication throughout the process. At LoftExe, we understand that undertaking large projects such as new builds can be a hugely daunting prospect. That’s why we strive to provide support, expertise and the uppermost quality for our clients, exceeding expectations every time.

New build services can be broken down into several categories, including design services, site surveys, planning and building regulations advice, local authority permissions and project management. Whether you need assistance with one, two or more of these areas, LoftExe are here to help. Our team of builders are widely experienced, highly adaptable and technically skilled, making them more than capable of helping our customers with any challenges associated with new builds. South West locations offer a wealth of natural beauty to situate your home, and our years of experience in the area means we are uniquely positioned to guide you through getting the most out of your surroundings. We also ensure that building regulations are adhered to throughout the entire process and that, when we finish working on new builds, we leave the properties clean and tidy for you to enjoy.


If you have a plot of land or are planning to undertake a new build project, contact our highly skilled tradesmen to find out more about our professional services. Whether you already have a detailed plan or are unsure of your next steps, LoftExe can help you to achieve your project in the most affordable, efficient and exciting way!

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