Renovation contractors - How We Can Add Significant Value To Your Home

Given the current housing climate, many are convinced that giving their house up to an estate agent’s frosty glare might be the last thing they want to do on earth. Reports of an avalanche in prices, a storm on the market and the sheer tempest of selling might send a shiver down the spine of even the most composed of us.

But as the housing market might rage outside our four walls, it doesn’t mean we can’t relax under our (hopefully) sturdy roofs and hatch a plan. As homeowners, we aren’t simply at the mercy of the elements. There are numerous ways in which the quality, and thus resale price, of your property is in your own hands with a great quality renovation contractor like Loft Exe.

It all starts with thinking like a buyer. Ask yourself some questions:

Who are your potential buyers?

In an area with a high student or young family ratio, a sturdy property with solid furnishings can be all that’s needed. But if professionals or older couples are buying other properties on your street, the design of the home may come into greater contention.

The current style of your home can be emphasised, juxtaposed or even completely changed by your renovation contractor. A trend in the market is period homes with modern twists. Renovated churches can capitalise upon the wide spaces with open plan kitchen/diners, spiral staircases, and modern stained glass. Small cottages can retain their cosy feeling whilst also sporting light and airy extensions or conservatories. Your renovation contractor can offer numerous suggestions for work which will complement your home’s style and create a bespoke piece unlike any other on the market.

A unique home is often a benefit when selling. Not only is it memorable, but it can result in a quicker sale as buyers fall in love instantly and expect competition.

What’s going to put buyers off?

The biggest turn-off for potential buyers can be found in the very walls of the home itself. No-one wants to buy a home that needs a lot of work. Whereas much of an interior can be changed relatively quickly, correcting key structural defects can be the route to attracting more buyers. This can be one of the most expensive and time-consuming types of renovation, but any renovation contractor will tell you it’s extremely rewarding in terms of resale value.

Ensure the home is structurally sound. Your renovation contractor can look at leaking roofs, damp problems, cracks, and the quality of wood all over the house.

Exterior appearance is important. Replace missing or broken tiles on the roof, paint the facade of the building and ensure the front door looks in good condition.

Inside, nip niggling problems in the bud. Re-plaster and paint, fit good floors or carpets and investigate any insect infestation problems.

How can you up the quality of your home?

Having fully functioning electricity and heating systems is now a buyer expectation. But their preferences shouldn’t be optional for a seller, either. One of those is double glazed PVCu windows. Though most new builds meet requirements for these, older buildings can benefit hugely from taking on these new, low maintenance, windows. Not only do they make a home warmer, but their build is sleek and they increase a home’s efficiency. Savvy buyers are looking for this win-win bargain, and so should you!

Similarly, a chic and shining kitchen can be a stamp of quality on a home. Many buyers will just refit a kitchen once the home is bought, but homeowners can profit from this if they are quick enough to let their renovation contractor know before the sale.

How many rooms do you want to market?

The definition of a room as listed by an estate agency or online site can affect which buyers know your property exists. By asking your renovation contractor to remodel the space inside your house, you can optimise the words that end up on the listing. Knocking through a wall can create a much-coveted ‘kitchen-diner’, and putting up a dividing wall can create an extra bedroom or bathroom, which can also hugely increase your home’s sale price.

Finally, is there anything you can do for free?

Re-naming your home, planting some seeds in the front garden and tidying up a little can do wonders for a listing. A pop of floral colour can make a home seem far less drab, attracting the eye and maybe even an offer from a buyer!

Get in touch with LoftExe to find out how you can increase the value of your home. We’d love to help!